Ali Mayar & Platinum Rapid Funding Group Featured On Money Inc

2017/06/23 Ali Mayar 0

Recently, the well-known website did a feature on the Platinum Rapid Funding Group, to shed more light on how the company runs its’ operations, and how it has been able to achieve its’ impressive results. Money Inc. offers current information on all things financial. It publishes insightful articles about […]

How To Stay Motivated At Work During The Summer

2017/05/23 Ali Mayar 0

Working smarter and more efficiently always trumps simply working harder. It is not the number of hours you work but the productivity of those hours. Of course, a key factor in staying productive during work hours is staying motivated and focused while you work. Admittedly, trying to stay focused can […]

What A Comfort Cube Is And How It Can Help You

2017/04/11 Ali Mayar 0

A Comfort Cube is a small, light-weight, ergonomically designed desk gadget. The main purpose of this device is to help people focus, relieve stress and relax. This desk toy is highly addictive and can be used at home, at the office, or in class. It is designed to keep you […]

How to Stay Away from Social Media During Work Hours

2017/03/21 Ali Mayar 0

When at work, spending time on social media sites is a great way to chill and break away from the monotony momentarily. But what if a few minutes of your escapade extends to several minutes and even hours of incessant online stalking? If this is something you identify with, then […]

Productivity In The Workplace And How To Improve It

2017/02/09 Ali Mayar 0

In the business sector, one common myth is that extra time in the office results in greater productivity. In reality though, it is normally the other way round. The majority of people become disengaged and unproductive, if they spend too much time at work. Information overload and stress can hinder […]

Efficiency, Effectiveness and The 20/80 Rule

2017/01/19 Ali Mayar 0

It is not about getting stuff done. It is rather about getting them done in the most efficient and effective manner possible. This is the gist of productivity. Efficiency, Effectiveness and Productivity Efficiency is a core part of productivity. Being efficient is performing in the best manner possible with the […]

How To Be Productive In The Mornings

2016/12/21 Ali Mayar 0

It’s no secret that many people have problems with productivity in the mornings, which is especially problematic if you have to be at work early. If you’re not a morning person, there are several productive hacks that can help you start each day feeling more motivated. Simple adjustments to your […]

Best Productivity Hacks

2016/11/18 Ali Mayar 0

Staying productive throughout the year can be challenging especially if you consider that sometimes you may feel fatigued or face complications that may seem insurmountable. Learning about some of the best productivity hacks 2016 can be key to enjoying your life and remaining above your circumstances. Plan to Work for […]

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