How To Stay Motivated At Work During The Summer

Working smarter and more efficiently always trumps simply working harder. It is not the number of hours you work but the productivity of those hours. Of course, a key factor in staying productive during work hours is staying motivated and focused while you work. Admittedly, trying to stay focused can be difficult when faced with a number of different work conditions and the distractions that come with.

Staying Motivated at Work During the Summer

During the summer distractions can be very high. As such, staying motivated can be particularly challenging. The lack of motivation is even worse when we are working in a job that is less than thrilling and the thought of enjoying summer vacation somewhere in some tropical paradise is far more appealing. Under those circumstances, taking extra measures to increase focus and productivity can be put in place. We look at a few of these measures below.

1. Create fun daily challenges

An important part of why motivation and enthusiasm to do a job can wane is having nothing, or very little, to look forward to. As such, setting special daily objectives or goals you can achieve is a great place to start. Maybe, you can work on finishing a particular task within a particular time frame or reorganize the order of your tasks for the day. Whatever you opt for, be sure to choose options that are doable and that are personal objectives you set for your own motivation.

2. Plan summer-friendly activities beach-day

Instead of spending your work days dreaming of a lovely summer vacation somewhere, plan activities outside of work that will allow you to soak up the sunshine (using a sunscreen of course). You can plan lovely summer outings like a day at the beach on the weekend or dinner on the boardwalk after work.

3. Use affirmations to lift your spirits

Sometimes a lack of motivation during the summer months can be on account of having deeper issues. Affirmations are a great way to lift the spirits and heal deeper subconscious issues where they may appear. Choose a few affirmations that you like (or write them yourself) and practice saying them.

4. Start meditating

Meditation is great practice for feeling better and increasing motivation in life and work. There are several kinds of meditation practices to choose from that will help relieve stress and increase your focus during the summer months. Also, take advantage of the nice summer weather by choosing a spot outdoors in the sunshine to meditate.

5. Utilize Stress Relief Tools comfort-cube

Stress relief is a great way to boost motivation and an effective way to relieve stress is to use a Comfort Cube or other fidget toys. Using an ergonomically designed desk gadget like the revolutionary Comfort Cube can help you stay focused and motivated at work. Comfort Cubes are light weight and work with switches that can be rolled, flipped, clicked, and more. All these actions, when repeated are designed to help relieve stress. They are useful anywhere motivation, focus and productivity are needed.

6. Exercise and eat well

Diet and exercise play an important part in how we look and feel. The better we eat, the better we feel and the more motivated we are likely to be. Increase your fruit and vegetable intake, drink more water and stay away from processed sugars, too much salt, and saturated fats. Try to eat as cleanly as possible.

In addition to eating well, try to get in about 30 to 45 minutes of cardio and strength training each week. Perhaps you can join a gym. If not, there are many free home workout video options you can start with. Even fitness apps on your mobile phone can do the trick. A brisk walk during your lunch break is a great way to lift your spirits on particularly bad days.

7. Take regular breaks

Even when you love what you do for a living, sitting at a desk for hours on end and not taking much-needed breaks can begin to take its toll on your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Taking breaks from your desk to either walk around your office or to stretch a bit, is a great way to relieve some built up tension and boost your motivation for the tasks ahead for the rest of the day. Take advantage of the summer sun and enjoy a picnic outside, or find a restaurant with outdoor dining to take full advantage of your lunch break.


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