How to Stay Away from Social Media During Work Hours

When at work, spending time on social media sites is a great way to chill and break away from the monotony momentarily. But what if a few minutes of your escapade extends to several minutes and even hours of incessant online stalking? If this is something you identify with, then the likes of Facebook and Instagram are apparently playing havoc in your life, probably making you less productive at work or delaying your success. The following are some tips that can help you escape social media or at least ensure social media doesn’t account for your maximum awake or active time.

Alarm Clock

Set an alarm clock. If you log in to Facebook promising yourself you won’t spend more than five minutes on the site, then set an alarm clock that goes off as soon as those five minutes are over. Since all phones (smartphones or feature phones) have the alarm clock feature, you won’t have to buy a new clock for this very purpose. However, don’t push the snooze button like you do when your morning wake-up call goes off. If you do, then there’s no point setting up the alarm.

Have a Purpose

You need not run away from social media sites like the plague. After all, these sites, which started as entertainment spots, have now evolved into infotainment centers. So these sites aren’t bad to use if you have a purpose behind your visit. For instance, if you want to search for specific information, please go ahead and do your search. The social media addiction is usually associated with people who use such online social platforms just to file away time.

Whenever you feel the urge to visit the site, ask yourself is there any specific purpose behind your visit. If not, indulge in something that would cause a deviation of thoughts or boost your mind. If work is not engaging enough or if you’ve been at it for some time non-stop, call a friend or dive into a book. If you’re feeling tired, take a short power nap.

Make Judicious Use of the Platform

Not all people head to Facebook to check on what’s cooking with their friends and acquaintances. Quite a lot of them, in fact, use the platform to keep their online friends constantly updated about what’s happening in their lives, with some people going overboard inadvertently. Uploading a couple of pictures of your newborn is fine. But you should not feel the urge to put online every snap you take. This way you’re not just keeping yourselves social media-busy a bit too much, but you may also not get the good amount of “likes” you secretly crave for. Therefore, post a photo only when you want to share it with others, and not when you want people’s reactions on it.

Limit Your Access to Social Media

If you frequently use both your smartphone and tablet PC and these devices are situated at an arm’s length at all times, make sure the devices don’t have your favorite social media apps installed. However, if uninstalling the app is taking things a bit too far, at least disable notifications for the apps. This way you won’t be notified whenever an activity happens on or relating to your social media account. Notifications can be notorious for interfering when you’re busy doing some work. And when you finish checking your device to see what the notification was about, you may invariably end up spending a bit more time than you initially planned to.

At the end of the day, you cannot completely avoid social media. But you can certainly strike the right balance between work and fun. Limited social media consumption not only means a lesser hindrance to your work routine, but you also won’t get easily bored of these sites. Remember, excessive use of anything could break your interest in the thing.

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