How To Stay Motivated When You Hate Your Job

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The majority of people have been in jobs that they dreaded getting out of bed for on a morning. Perhaps you are in a job at the moment that saps your motivation. Nonetheless, in all likelihood, there are numerous reasons why you should avoid handing in your notice too quickly – like family or money related reasons for instance. Listed below are four ways to keep your spirits up, if your job is getting you down.

Identify the Underlying Problem

Determine what is stopping you from enjoying your job. FocusĀ on the cause of the problems and begin to devise potential solutions. Although you detest your work, your time on the job will be more tolerable if you take positive steps to improve things.

Maybe you hate doing financial tasks in your job, but enjoy the mentoring and training aspects. In this situation, you should organize your time in such a way as to prioritize the enjoyable tasks. The solutions you devise might be temporary, but they can make a big difference to your morale while you plot your escape.

Connect With Your Co Workers

Spend time getting to know your work colleagues better. Your job might be a drag, but at least you can enjoy the company of your team. Doing this will make you feel more engaged with your job. You will gain more self respect and more respect for your employer, if you genuinely get on with the people you share the office with.

Have Interests Away From the Workplace

Doing something enjoyable that is completely separate from work will make your job more bearable. Hobbies and past times give you a form of escapism and allow you to unwind. Scheduling some ‘you’ time is absolutely vital.

Make Future Career Plans

If you are unhappy with your current job role, the idea of doing it for another five or ten years is probably a horrendous concept. Therefore, it is wise to decide what your future plans are instead. Consider where you are headed and what obstacles you have to overcome to reach your future goals.

By visualizing where you wish to be several years from today, your existing job will not weigh you down so much. Ensuring that you have ambitions to strive towards fuels your self motivation. One useful tip is to write your career aims down on a notepad, then look at this regularly during the day to remind yourself of your ultimate target. This way, you will never lose sight of what you want your future to be like. There’s no reason why your career vision can not come true, if you rise above the short term negativity and truly believe in yourself.

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