Best Productivity Hacks

Productivity Hacks

Staying productive throughout the year can be challenging especially if you consider that sometimes you may feel fatigued or face complications that may seem insurmountable. Learning about some of the best productivity hacks 2016 can be key to enjoying your life and remaining above your circumstances.

Plan to Work for 4 – 5 hours

It is necessary for you to dedicate at least 4 to 5 hours to real work. This daily routine will ensure that you take care of your tasks before engaging in any other activities. Of course you are free to work for more than these hours so as to increase your chances of success or productivity. Having a minimum duration keeps you from procrastination.

Answer to Emails

When going through your emails at the start of the day, mark those that are important so as not to forget. Make some time in the middle or end of the day to answer to each of the emails that is important. Replying to emails should be done in accordance with their importance because this will help you save time and respond to less important emails at a later stage.

Work on Big Projects

Organize your projects according to size and importance. Big projects with shorter deadlines must be tackled first before anything else. Failure to organize your projects according to priority may mean that you lose out on some of the most fundamental successes you can achieve at your workplace.

Complete Tasks

Ensure that each task assigned to you is complete. This will make it possible for clients to trust you with even bigger projects that have the potential to earn you more money. If you are unable to complete a given task, call the client and let them know beforehand. It is unprofessional to keep a client waiting for a task that is probably not going to be completed within the stipulated time period.

Be Sure to Solve Problems

In the course of your day you may encounter problems such as broken systems, security breaches, sickness, less stock or lack of information. Instead of ignoring such problems because they seem minor or inconsequential make a point of actually dealing with them as they arise. Remember that a small damage to your machine may not affect production in that particular day but after some time may end up causing complete failure to the system. Minor problems have a way of becoming bigger if not solved within appropriate time.

Get in the Mood

When you feel fatigued or lack morale read a few inspirational quotes or talk to someone that can lift up your spirits. Remember it is hard to be productive if you do not feel fired up for the task ahead. Stay focused on your long term goals when completing short term tasks because this is the best way to reach important milestones.

These are among the best productivity hacks 2016 for anyone that wishes to achieve their dreams. They are simple but efficient in the long term.



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