Telling The Difference Between Employees That Want More, and Those Who Are Content

Even though companies make an effort to hand out the most competitive paycheck and the very best benefits package, they need to never neglect to evaluate the inner motivation of their team members. They must never forget to acknowledge employees who are, by themselves, motivated to get the job done with a smile on their faces. This is why companies make sure that they are hiring employees who have the drive, the ambition. In contrast with those who are simply living their life, without drive, and just plain contented.

How does one tell the difference between an employee that want more and someone who’s merely contented?

Pursuing Goals

Show us a person who’s always working on something to attain their objectives and dreams and I’ll show you a driven person. Individuals with this quality aren’t the kind of individual to go stale and sit still. They’ve got an inner clock which is constantly ticking and indicating that they need to do something to advance. Whether it’s for their career, business, education, people who want more will not sit around.

Taking care of Obstacles in Order to Reach Your Goals from Ali Mayar on Vimeo.

Employees who are contented may also have their goals but they are never a priority. They are willing to wait for opportunities to land on their lap instead of actively going after them.

Overcoming Setbacks

The employee who want more will carry on and fight towards their objectives even in the midst of any hardship or challenges (everybody experiences these). Their dreams are that vital to these individuals. These employees will keep working at it; absolutely nothing is going to halt them from accomplishing what they need to do.

Employees who are contented will sometimes treat setbacks as a sign of the own limitations. In other words, they are quick to give up. Instead of exhausting their resources, they are willing to accept that the situation is beyond repair.

Setting More Goals

Whenever driven individuals get to their set goals, they set a different one straight away. A lot of ambitious folks actually love the excitement of the quest of running after and working for their desired goals instead of actually accomplishing it! These people always need to be working closer to another level of challenge. It’s as though they feel a void within them when they are not working to another goal.
On the other hand, employees with no drive or ambition will be perfectly happy once they achieve their goals. There will be no nagging feeling to set another goal, or no feeling of emptiness with no goals in sight.