What is More Important to Reaching Success, Dreaming Big or Setting Multiple Small Goals?

The ability to dream big is always an admirable characteristic. After all, life is all about living your dreams. However, there are many of us who are constantly struggling to achieve their dreams in life. They think that their goals are simply too big to be accomplished. They are not aware of the hindrances that stand in their way. Or they just feel that they have rotten luck.

One of the most common questions to achieve success in life is, do you just go dreaming big or is it better to set multiple small goals?

You Can Still Dream Big but Start Small

It’s good that you are aiming for the stars but by leaving it that way, will you be able to think of ways to achieve such feat? It’s more likely that you will lose all motivation because you just don’t think that you have what it takes to scale such a high mountain. With that said, it is infinitely better if you give yourself small goals that will become the foundation to achieving your idea of success.

Once you give yourself small goals that you can reach on a regular basis, you are enabling yourself to build confidence. Your confidence can have a big impact on the general momentum you establish in order to reach your big dream. Make small benchmarks that provide you an indicator that you are moving on toward your goals. In reality, you’ll accomplish far more using a “little and often” approach when compared with waiting in vain for the chance to take significant action.

Start Small, But You Need to Start

Take one little step, and then one more, and another. Before you realize it you are on your way to accomplishing your goals. It’s possible you’ll even come across a shortcut. Or perhaps, you will encounter an individual along the way who will advise you a less arduous path. There’s a chance that you’ll encounter other persons whom you can share your journey with.

But if you are paralyzed with inaction just because you were waiting for this great big opportunity to change things up and come out a winner, then nothing will ever happen to you. Not only will you not make any progress, you are also effectively stunting your growth. Just think of all the time that you are wasting. If you don’t take that first big step to start, you will never make it towards success.

When it comes to goal setting, I always like to use this video as extra motivation. This man is a great example of listing small goals, that once all achieved will equal your biggest dream. I’ll leave you with it, and I hope you enjoy!

The First Step to Success is Listing Your Goals from Ali Mayar on Vimeo.

- Ali Mayar