Setting Smarter Goals at Work

2016/08/11 Ali Mayar 0

We all know that we need to be more motivated at work. It’s not just what keeps us moving forward during the day – it’s what helps us move up the corporate ladder. Unfortunately, motivation can be hard to find when you’re doing the same thing every day. Even though […]

Things You Must Know Before Starting a Business

2016/06/17 Ali Mayar 0

I’ve been in business for years now, operating Platinum Funding Group, and over the years, I’ve learned a lot about owning and operating a business. If I were speaking to future entpreneurs about starting a business, I would tell them that these are the most important things to know before […]

Ali Mayar’s Favorite Workplace Tools & Apps

2016/06/07 Ali Mayar 0

  Productive employees who are concerned about their job are the key to a successful entrepreneurial venture. In today’s world, different tools can help you build employee responsibility. By following these tips and tricks you can bring them on the right track. There are many ways you can make your […]

Stay Motivated Throughout The Week

2016/05/17 Ali Mayar 0

With long week days ahead, it becomes increasingly difficult to stay motivated throughout the week. Morale is low at the office, workers are complaining, and there is so much work to do. How can you possibly focus on your work, and still maintain a positive attitude? You have to find […]

My Featured Interview on Rookstool Interviews

2016/03/23 Ali Mayar 0

Earlier this month I was featured on the VIP interview website, I was able to really tell my personal story. The interview gave a look into my early grade school experiences, up through my first jobs and aspirations, to my current position of leadership. It really gave me a […]

5 Essential Tips to Improving your Workplace Productivity from Ali Mayar

2016/02/19 Ali Mayar 0

Workplace performance matters, when we consider the productivity of an employee. According to the Human Resource departments of top performing organizations, hiring an experienced staff results in high workplace productivity. This is not always the case. Workplace productivity does not only depend on the employee performance, but it also includes […]

How to Start Enjoying Summer Vacations

2016/02/04 Ali Mayar 0

Are you ready to enjoy your summer vacations? Bright sunny days with warm weather are a lot of fun and entertainment. Well, if you haven’t planned your summer holidays, get ready for the thrill and adventure because the summer season is almost there. Start planning for it immediately to make […]

How to Increase Your Ability to be Productive in 2016

2016/01/22 Ali Mayar 0

What’s productivity? In very practical terms, it’s the utmost work completed within a minimum time. This doesn’t imply the work will be sub-par or slipshod. Thus, productivity can be a fairly daunting product of successful time management as well as work quality. It also suggests managing your time and energy […]

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